Dictionary Of Terms Used On WhatsMyIPAddress.org

"What's My IP Address"

The term “What's My IP Address” comes from the typical expression or reaction of someone thinking to themselves what their IP address when asked by someone. For example, technical support representative asked for an IP address when helping a customer troubleshoot connectivity problems.

"IP Address"

IP Address is the way your computer or other device connects to network, and the way it sends and receives information. This can be in local area networks or when connected to the Internet. The IP portion in IP Address stands for Internet Protocol. Think of your IP Address as the phone number of your computer.

"IP Location"

When referring to your IP Location, this is generally meant as shorthand for your IP Geo Location. Your IP Geo Location is your actual physical location in the world, as Geo is short for Geographical and pertains to the physical being of a map. Your IP Location is usually present on a map to show your placement.

"Internet Service Provider"

We mentioned the term ISP several times, which is short for Internet Service Provider. Your Internet Service Provider does just what it sounds like, it provides your Internet service. Most of the time, this is your cable or telephone company that you buy Internet service from. Sometimes it could be a dedicated provider.

"Hide Your IP Address"

To hide your IP address means to mask or conceal your real IP address from the outside world. Typically this is done through the use of online web proxies or a IP hiding software. Both which work very similar and have many of the same characteristics, with the exact same result. To hide your IP address from others.

"Technical Support"

Nine times out of ten, most people ask "What's My IP Address" because someone in technical support from their Internet Service Provider has asked them for it. This is what makes WhatsMyIPAddress.org very popular for these terms and helping the end user find what their IP address is online.


Proxies or a proxy service is an Internet server that provides random IP addresses to users in order to make the user appear from a different location or different user all-together. It basically masks your real IP address with a fake or spoofed IP address. Some proxies are used for illegal activities while others are used for business purposes.